Freelance Special Service (FSS)

Besides our very free opinion and commentary about some aspects of geopolitics and strategy in this world of ours, we provide  Special Freelance Consultancy Services to corporations, companies and other entities.

Please, note that all views, opinions, commentaries and other personal assessments published on Strategika51 do not represent the provider of this Consultancy Service.

img_15393161761251111252503.jpgStrateg0s 360 Freelance Risk Consultancy

What risks and threats are posed by Hot spots or any country political system, government or local players? 

Often enough, it is utterly hard to know the real picture in the field and out of the media bias, confusion, hype, buzz, fake news and propaganda.

In such a case, you have no option left than to have a physical presence in the ground and that is the outstanding service we have to offer to you.

So well before your corporation starts investing or working  in a specific spot in the globe, you will have to know where you are going to put your feet and know the risks your assets will be facing.

These risks are relating to local, regional, national and international politics and geopolitics, military conflicts, unrest, corruption, crisis, regime change, etc. and Stratego0s can help you swiftly identify, assess and analyze those variables in order to make an accurate business decision. 

Our freelance approach is not a traditional one. Based in our previous experience in war-torn countries and unstable and volatile areas, more than 60% of conventional Political Risk Analysis firms reports neither reflect what is going on nor grasp the mere complexity of the situation on the ground. 

Our specific service is based in getting an individual directly to the spot and assess as swiftly as possible the risks and possible threats.

We can help you to get:

    1. Establish a specific report on a local, regional or a national level
    1. Monitor a developing situation and addressing political and military shifts and trends
    1. Help you to clarify your exposure level, your reputation and your assets in the target country
    1. Provide you with a very swift assessment from the field
  1. Provide you with a solid consultancy to maintain your strategies and avoid political risks impact

Contact us at this initial public and open email: and we will give an appropriate communication channel so as to let us know what are your needs.

Our service is very cost effective, discreet and very competitive but depends on the availability of our assets and our commitment within current contracts.